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Lee Abbey is home to a Christian community on the breathtaking Devon coast. Individuals, couples, families and churches come to be renewed and inspired by God.

Mon 25 to Fri 29 May

Paul Bradbury

Following the call of God is not a straight-forward exercise. We try and seek God’s will but our own ambitions and desires so often confuse things. With Jonah as our guide we will explore a ‘vocational spirituality’ and discover a God who not only wants to involve us, but in doing so change us.

Mon 25 to Fri 29 May

Brian Draper

How our ‘everyday’ spirituality can help us to find a new way of being Isn't life, as a Christian, about more than just getting ahead or staying afloat? And if so, how can our spirituality help to make a real difference - to us and the world around us? Through a blend of evocative retreat space and practical workshops, Brian will ask how we can recover our natural sense of rhythm and flow, through asking who God created us to be and living & working more intentionally as a result. He’ll reflect on the way we spend and renew our personal energy, on what matters most, on how we can discover more of our true, soulful self and how to live with greater awareness, presence and soul.

Fri 29 to Sun 31 May

Lee Abbey Team

These Renew, Refresh, Resource weekends are designed for individual Christians, small groups and churches to strengthen their relationship with each other, to deepen their relationship with God, and to learn how to be salt and light more effectively in their local communities and places of work.

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