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Fri 19 to Sun 21 September

Steven Faux

Is music a hotline to your emotions? And how can we draw nearer to God through music? Steven will be drawing out the parallels between his media work and the latest CD release in his series The Psalms Project - a contemporary journey through the vivid landscape of the Psalms. Come along and be drawn into a world of joy and praise, danger and abandonment and finally restoration and affirmation. There will also be a live concert of some of Steven's Psalms tracks on the Saturday evening, performed by talented professional singers and instrumentalists.

Mon 22 to Fri 26 September

James and Inger Denniston

Which way now? Looking for the  way ahead? Longing to know God’s guidance? We will be looking at the Biblical principles of how God leads us; and also how we continue on the journey through those times of apparent silence when it feels like walking through a fog! Then it’s on with the walking boots and out into the early autumn scenery of Exmoor as we explore the dramatic coastline, the open moorland and delightful hidden combes and riverside paths which make this part of England such a delight to walk in. Don’t miss the opportunity to draw close to God through the beauty of his creation. Each day there will be a choice of three walks: long (8-10 miles), medium (5-7 miles) and short (under 3 miles: afternoon only). You will need good walking footwear, appropriate clothing (including raingear) and a small rucksack for your packed lunch.  It may be necessary to share lifts on some days to reach the start and end point.

Mon 22 to Fri 26 September

Dave Tomlinson

Stories and reflections about faith and spirituality in the 21st century. How can we experience the heart of Christianity for ourselves and for the world? What does the word ‘God’ now mean to people? Do we need different language to express the good news? How must Christian faith evolve for an age of post-Christendom, post-feminism, post-9/11? What sort of churches can meet the challenge?

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