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Mon 15 to Fri 19 September

Penny Frank

For those who are facing the challenge and delight of being actively involved with the faith of their children’s children. We will be looking at the Bible as the basis and inspiration for our grand-parenting role. The sessions will be interactive and will explore these roles in both a spiritual and practical way.

Mon 15 to Fri 19 September

Dave Hopwood, Simeon Wood

Simeon Wood and Dave Hopwood will share some of the music, films and stories that have shaped their faith and their lives so far. Interactive, entertaining, honest and engaging. Come and share some of your stories too! Feel free to bring a recorded piece of music or a song with you.  

Fri 19 to Sun 21 September

Steven Faux

Is music a hotline to your emotions? And how can we draw nearer to God through music? Steven will be drawing out the parallels between his media work and the latest CD release in his series The Psalms Project - a contemporary journey through the vivid landscape of the Psalms. Come along and be drawn into a world of joy and praise, danger and abandonment and finally restoration and affirmation. There will also be a live concert of some of Steven's Psalms tracks on the Saturday evening, performed by talented professional singers and instrumentalists.

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