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Sat 26 July to Sat 2 August

Joe Davis

£518 and 1 CHILD FREE

The main topic of Jesus teaching was the kingdom of God, yet many of us do not genuinely believe that we can experience that life of the kingdom here and now.  That is, a life without worry, or greed or the lust for more; a love filled and contented life where we are free to live our lives as Jesus would.  This conference will give you a renewed vision for your life with Christ and intensely practical strategies that bring genuine transformation into Christlikeness.

Sat 2 to Sat 9 August

"Lee Abbey Youth Camp is where you will make friendships that will last a lifetime and where you will meet a God who will change you forever." This week-long camp for 16-25 year olds will be held in the stunning coastal estate at Lee Abbey in Devon. Click here for more information and booking...

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