Living + working on Community

community-May-12At a crossroads? Wondering what to do next?

Do you have a feeling that God is calling you on to something new? Perhaps you are considering a ‘year out’. Or longer. Do you want to be a part of a Community of Christians who seek to and encourage each other to put Christ at the centre and to live out the gospel in down to earth ways?

Yes? Then Lee Abbey could be the place for you!

A community experience

Gilberto-&-SimonBeing on the Community at Lee Abbey means experiencing a unique Jesus-centred community way of life. It means meeting many, many people from all over the world. Today there are around 90 of us, representing more than 20 nations.

It’s about living, serving and worshipping closely together. You can retreat and hide, but being here involves sharing time and space, and being open to be known for who we really are. It’s challenging, but if you let it, it can also be life-changing!

“Thanks to all the friendships I gained there, I learnt more about God’s character, his grace, and how to recognise his will for my life.” – Iva

So often, God’s kingdom is seen here. Words spoken that seem like they come direct from the Father’s heart. Acts of kindness and healing and forgiveness. In our hospitality to the guests, we learn to be generous, and the fruits of the Spirit grow. We grow.

“Through my experiences at Lee Abbey I have been equipped to help others with their call from God” – Melanie

More than just a job

Community-experienceThe day begins with worship, prayer and reflection together in Community Prayers each morning. During the day, each person serves in a particular team: Kitchen, House, Estate, Youth & Children, Admin, Maintenance, Pastoral, Conference or The Beacon team up at our Youth & Outdoor Activity Centre.

Find out more about the teams…
A day in the life of a community member…

Host Team

Host-teamThere’s more. Every 2-3 months, most Community members will be taken from their usual team and given the honour of hosting the guests for a weekend or a week. Host Team plan and deliver the guests’ programme and spend time with the guests, joining in their sessions, talks and activities.

They take part in the sung worship, maybe lead a walk, plan an evening’s entertainment and use testimony, drama, dance, or anything else in their tool boxes.

All the Community also pray for each guest by name. It is amazing to see God working and lives changing before our very eyes. In giving, we receive, and Host Team is a great chance to use your gifts for God’s glory.

“I am who I am and I do what I do because of my experience at Lee Abbey. It’s been a turning point in my life.” – Maleni

How about you?

How-about-youWe are looking for people with a personal faith in Christ and a desire to deepen that faith by surrendering more of their lives to Him. Being at Lee Abbey is a lot about giving of yourself, so you need to be prepared to do just that … both through serving our guests and in relating to others on the Community. Fitness, health and energy are pretty essential too!