Cycling Retreat at Lee Abbey

Centred in the middle of Exmoor, Lee Abbey is home to some of the best cycling in the country, offering both beautiful views and exciting challenges. This retreat will be for club-level road cyclists comfortable with longer rides (25-50 miles) and significant hill gradients (10%-25% in parts). Alongside the cycling there will be a series of talks relating time on the bike with the spiritual life.

This event will take place at The Beacon Activity Centre. Bring you own bicycle.

From £204 per adult
Special booking arrangements apply

About Ron Bushyager

Ron Bushyager

Ron Bushyager has led retreats, trainings and workshops at Lee Abbey and a number of other conference centres and theological colleges. He is a counsellor/psychotherapist and shares insights from counselling theory with Christian groups. Ron is joined by Jon Ruddock, a triathlete who seeks to put his faith into action.