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The Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities Board are seeking to appoint a new leader for the Small Missional Community in Knowle West, Bristol.

The role is one of leadership and development in a new season for the community of Lee Abbey Knowle West. The leader will be expected to discern and shape a fresh vision in the light of the community’s story and enable the community in deeper discipleship and mission, sharing God’s saving love.

He/she will lead a community of people of all ages, active in their neighbourhood, in the Lee Abbey House, (a centrally located 8 bedroomed community house), building on the nearly 3 decades of excellent relationships with local residents and local churches, and to enhance the potential for new members to move in and discover fresh ways of mission in the South Bristol housing estate of Knowle West.

Closing date: April 27th, 2020

Shortlisted candidates will be expected to make a visit of at least 48 hours to the Community before the interview.

Interview date: May 27th / 28th

Contact: Ron Pool 16 St. Margarets Gardens Chippenham SN15 2BU,

Tel: 01249 655544 Mob. 07811375490 email rmpool@btinternet.com

Knowle West Community Leader Job Description


The hallmarks of Lee Abbey small missional communities

Commitment to life together – praying, discipleship, eating, care of home and garden, supporting and respecting each other

Clear missional focus involving all

Participation in the Lee Abbey Rule of Life

Lives marked by the desire to bless and honour all in community and neighbourhood

Working with churches

Identified leader (enabling not authoritarian)

Under one roof, though may have associates

Members should have part time paid work (ideally no more than three days)

Financially sustainable

Locally supported in prayer and accountability

Essentially in urban situations