Cross says it all in colourful Easter parade

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 September 2004.

We have been in Knowle West for almost a year – and what an incredible year it has been! Many lovely friendships have formed. We have experienced a mixture of ups and downs, and shared joys as well as tears.

One of several high points was the Knowle West Churches Together Good Friday street witness. Over seventy people from all seven covenanting churches processed around the estate, many carrying bags of hot-cross buns, which were freely distributed to delighted onlookers. At the centre of the parade a life-size wooden cross was carried aloft, and an eye-catching banner was held high at the rear. The banner was completed after weeks of preparation by a small creative team, which met regularly in the Lee Abbey house. Its design comprised of 180 hand shapes cut from templates taken from members of all the covenanting churches. The hands were individually embroidered with the signature of each person. We wanted the design to represent our hope, as Christians, of reaching out to the people of Knowle West with the Good News of Easter. There was also much singing and drama; this was written especially for the occasion by Rita, and presented by Peter Belcher of the Salvation Army in the style of a Town Crier.

The ‘Knowle West News’, which is a secular publication delivered quarterly to every home on the estate, agreed to publish an article submitted by Rita about the event together with a transcript of the drama: ‘The Reduced Story of Holy Week’, and a photograph of the banner appeared on the front page! To Him be the Glory!

As we enter our second year in Knowle West we continue to value all your prayerful support and encouragement. Thank you and God Bless.