Relationships built in holiday club and moving family

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 January 2005.

As I reflect over the summer in Blackburn, my mind overflows with thanks to God for His goodness and kindness to the people here. In August we held a holiday club for the children of St. James’ Lower Darwen and St. James’ Over Darwen, bringing together a team of gifted and energetic helpers led by Revd. Gill Dyer. We used the SU material ‘Xpedition Force’; this provided a wealth of material to work from. We had such fun each day with the children and began the process of building relationships with parents and children. The day began with one of the mums leading us in ‘warm-up’ exercises to music. Her two boys were delighted, but decided to ‘sit this part out’!

In mid-July, I welcomed a family to the Lee Abbey house ― Revd. Jim and Joan Crawford and their daughter Louise. They came to stay for several weeks between house moves. It was good to share with them during their stay, and to get to know them a lot more.

Jim is the ordained local minister at St. James’ Lower Darwen. During the day he drives buses for a local company; on Sundays he is involved in taking services at our church. Joan is the school cook at St. James’ School as well as working part-time at the Children’s Centre where I help as a volunteer each week. Louise and I spent many hours chatting late at night about all kinds of issues. Louise is a young person with an active mind, holding opinions she is ready and able to express. Her hope is to begin studying at Lancaster University next September. Her sister Mary is a student in Lancaster at the moment, studying nursing. They moved into their new home on 2 October. Please pray for them as they settle into a new community and form friendships with their neighbours.

I am continuing with my course (a Diploma in Christian Counselling). Please pray for quality time to study and that I may be disciplined in using the time wisely.