Healthy Walking Group brings Karron to Devon

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 May 2005.

When time allows, which isn’t often, I [Rita] enjoy a ramble with the Knowle West Healthy Walking Group. This is an excellent way of meeting new people. Sometimes opportunities arise for me to share my Christian faith and to answer questions such as: “Why is 97 Lisburn Road called ‘Community House’?” With curiosities aroused, several walkers joined us for a day’s outing to Lee Abbey, Devon, last summer.

KarronI would like to introduce you to one of our fellow travellers ― Karron Chaplin: “Hi, I’m Karron. I was 50 this year and I have lived in Knowle West for 32 years, where I brought up five children! I joined the Knowle West Healthy Walking Group because I wanted to walk for my health as I suffer with arthritis and high blood pressure. I enjoyed my first walk, as everyone was so friendly. I immediately signed up for a walk leaders’ course. I am now finding the social side important, too. It’s good for the mind, body and soul. I really enjoy having the opportunity to visit places I wouldn’t otherwise see; some I never knew existed. One such place that stands out for me was the visit to Lee Abbey, Devon (made possible by Rita and Martin). I found the grounds of Lee Abbey to be ‘out of this world’. The beach was fantastic, and the house was a very spiritual place. I felt the love and peace both inside and out. I feel very privileged to have seen such a beautiful place ― I can’t wait to revisit it. Well done to all involved!”
(A third visit is being planned for this year.)

Please pray that many more local people may experience the love and peace of God’s presence whether at Lee Abbey Devon or at home in Knowle West. Thank you for all your prayers.