Memories of welcome and God at work in Aston

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 September 2005.

Martin’s final comment from Aston:

When God clearly opened a door for us to come to Aston in 1985, and then be in on discussions in 1987 about a Lee Abbey House in Aston, we never guessed that we’d be living in 121 in 1995! Now, after more than 20 years in Aston, we are again responding to what we believe is God’s call ― to ‘care for’ Suzette’s dad, and maybe in time, his brother (both elderly widowers). God has given me peace about returning to Clevedon (our birthplace), which I had never imagined I would do.

Our ‘moving on’ will leave a hole in our lives which Aston filled ― its people in particular, who have loved us, cared for us and supported us, and, earlier on, our ‘boys’ as well. Our
brothers and sisters here welcomed us so openly when we arrived as CMS Mission Partners, without waiting to see what we would do, or what we were like. We’d come, and that’s all that mattered; that’s very special.

Later then to be welcomed into the family of Lee Abbey was like the cream on the pie. So many people have been and done so much for us.

Did we earn or deserve it? No. But we got it anyway! (Sounds like a Father I know.) So a big ‘thank you’ to all in Lee Abbey, especially to Karen, Sandra and all who have lived in 121; our Management Advisory Group; those who come to our Open Fellowship Evening; the Households Committee; the Lee Abbey Council; and all who’ve prayed and given to the work here. You have all been true to your calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ in loving us, warts and all! If the Body of Christ functions properly, it is effective ― you’ve made it so. Thank you.

We leave with so many wonderful memories of you all. Please don’t forget Karen and Sandra as they maintain the witness at 121, along with, we trust, the right people that God will send to oversee the continuing work of Lee Abbey Aston.

Suzette adds:

Can you imagine what a precious gift God has given to us in the last month before we leave? We have been praying for the unity of Jesus’ Body to be clearly evident in Aston, for maybe 15 or so years. This Sunday, in the J John tent in Aston Hall Park, at least 8 of the local fellowships are coming together for Sunday morning worship with Breaking Of Bread. Only God can make something like that happen.


Posted on 1 September 2005 in Aston