Change is here to stay

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 January 2006.

Stella Weaver writes:

‘Change is here to stay.’ I have heard it said on so many occasions since I arrived in Blackburn, and it has proved to be so in experience. Some changes affect us only a little; others mean we must make major adjustments that affect how we work and those we work with.

One such change is that after eight years in Darwen, Rev Terry Young (Methodist Superintendent) and his wife Cathryn are to leave the area next August.

Terry, a gifted man, has brought years of expertise and experience from his work as a radio presenter, and a breadth of knowledge of working ecumenically in Lancashire. Cathryn, a teacher, excites and enthuses those she works with, and her artistic talent can be seen throughout the school in which she works.

We all value their ministry and friendship: Terry with his dry wit and Cathryn’s sense of wanting to share her knowledge and skill naturally with those around her. I have grown very fond of them both during their time here. Terry’s contribution to the Partnership has brought commitment and depth, and we pray that his successor will be able to build on this.

We will miss them and wish them well in the future. Do please pray for them as they plan to move nearer to elderly parents in the south, and for the appointment of a successor for Terry in Darwen.