Christian doctor shares God’s love through health centre

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 May 2006.

Rita and Martin write:

We are most grateful to Dr. Trevor Dean, one of the five Christian doctors at the Merrywood Health Centre, for agreeing to write a few lines for Rapport readers:

‘Knowle West is a great place to work as a GP, especially as part of a team of Christian doctors who share a sense of calling to this needy area. It is great to be able to invite the Lord to be part of all we try to do as a practice, as we strive to give really good medical care that demonstrates the love of God to this community.

‘The needs of this area may be greater than elsewhere, but so is the sense of satisfaction in being able to help enable people to look after themselves better and choose healthier lifestyles.

‘Regular opportunities occur when we can talk to patients about spiritual things, and for those interested, we are able to make links with local Christians who can take people further.
Working here is one thing, but living on the estate is another, and we are grateful to God for the Christians who live here, including Martin and Rita in the Lee Abbey house. It has been great to meet every month to pray at the surgery for our work here and the wider work of God in the area. It was also so encouraging to work together on an Alpha Course held in the health centre over a year ago, and to see that people who did the course are still engaged with local Christians.

‘We are planning another course after Easter, and would value your prayers for this. Our prayer is that patients and local people will recognise how much God loves them, and that this realisation will help transform this community.’

Thank you for your prayers.