Re-tyred minister Jane kicks off new Knowle West house

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 January 2008.

Martin & Rita write:

We are delighted and deeply grateful to God for answering our prayers in providing a second Lee Abbey Community house in Knowle West. We prayed for a house to become available. Within a month, a rented house did become available ― just three doors away! Then a further answer to prayer: God called Jane Grinonneau to live in it! Jane is now part of the Knowle West Lee Abbey Community.

It is wonderful to have Jane to pray with, to share with, to eat with, and to be our special friend in Jesus. Please pray for Jane as she settles in, and ask that others may be called to join our growing and very happy community.

Jane has kindly agreed to write a few words about herself:

“Hello ― I am Jane, a re-tyred minister with a great heart for Knowle West and the people who live and work here.

“I describe myself as a people-person. Nursing, teaching and formal ministry have filled my working life from 18-60! Just as I was ‘easing’ into a life with fewer demands, I sensed God asking me to move into the estate. Lee Abbey, with its ethos of communicating Christ through relationships, has given me a great opportunity to add to the local ‘yeast of love’.

“91 Lisburn Road is a lovely house. It offers a safe space into which to invite and welcome others and also a base from which to engage in the work of being neighbourly. I love cooking and feeding others so I am loving having the kitchen and comfortable lounge!

“My great concern is for the teenagers who hang around areas of the estate after 9pm when there is little creative for them to do; no ‘place’ to go. I am busy listening to many agencies and young people to discern how faith communities may respond.

“I have two fabulous children who are busy with their own life adventure; I am a Grandma ― with two fab grandchildren too. I enjoy walking, music, reading crafts and writing.

“Wherever you are reading this, please pray for all young people in rural, urban and inner city areas. I believe our young people are more desperately in need of the truth of the love of God than any previous generation.”

Thank you for your faithful and much appreciated prayers. A blessed and peaceful New Year to you all.