All Change!

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 May 2008.

Rita writes:

Rev. Alistair Heagerty retired as Chairman of our Local Support Group in April after serving faithfully for eight years. During that time, his gifts of wisdom and discernment have been greatly appreciated. We thank God for Alistair’s commitment and friendship. Please pray for him and his wife Jennifer, that God will bless them with a long and healthy retirement.

We are delighted to welcome Rev. Mat Ineson (former Lee Abbey Devon Chaplain) as Alistair’s successor. Mat’s presence on the LSG will undoubtedly be a great blessing. His understanding of what it means to be ‘community’ will prove invaluable. We praise God for Mat’s willingness to serve, and look forward to new possibilities for developing the ministry in Knowle West.

Sadly, Jane Grinonneau decided to move to another house on the estate, and is now working under the banner of the ‘Joshua Trust’. There, she is adopting an ‘open house’ policy for local youths. Although no longer part of the Lee Abbey community, Jane regularly joins us for prayer and fellowship.

The search for new Community members intensifies ― not only members, but Leaders, also!

We feel God is calling us to serve Him elsewhere in our retirement. Do Christians ever retire? We suspect not.

Although it feels like only yesterday, it was 1 October 2003 when we arrived in Knowle West. Five full years have changed us both, from within and without!

Please pray for God’s guidance as we prepare to leave the many good friends we have come to know and love on this estate. Pray for new openings and fresh opportunities as we seek God’s direction for the next stage of our journey of faith.

Thank you, for all your prayers.