An interview with Muriel Dewick

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 May 2009.

For those who haven’t met her, Muriel Dewick is not only one of our most faithful supporters (especially at our Open Fellowship evenings) but also the Lee Abbey Friends’ co-ordinator for the West Midlands. She was born in Birmingham, and has lived here nearly all her life. I recently invited her to answer a few questions about her support for the Lee Abbey Movement.

What were your first connections with Lee Abbey?

I first heard about Lee Abbey in 1946, when it had just been bought. I was at college, and two of my friends went down to help. I visited there a few times when I was on holiday in the area, and first went to stay in 1952. Since then I’ve stayed there quite often, usually with family or friends. Also, when I was teaching in Watford from 1952 to 1963, I was a member of the planning group for the International Students’ Club in London.

How did the local Friends group begin?

Several of us went down to Lee Abbey and discussed what we needed for the promises and how we would go about it. We had a LEE ABBEY HOUSEHOLDS study course on the promises, and some of us met in and around Birmingham and went through this course. Then Audrey Martin-Doyle called a meeting at Lee Abbey Aston, I said I’d be co-ordinator, and the group started.

What about Lee Abbey Aston?

I supported the Aston Community as soon as it began in 1988. When they decided to have the Open Evenings, I came to them – right from the first one.

Why do you appreciate the Open Evenings?

What I particularly enjoy is meeting people from across Birmingham, and it’s really an opportunity to have fellowship together, and a Bible study. We also hear about prayer requests, often confidential, and pray for each other, and the next month we might hear how our prayers were answered. I find them helpful and stimulating!

And you’re involved with other things apart from Lee Abbey?

I’ve worshipped at St Martin’s in the Bullring ever since I came back to work in Birmingham in 1963, and I’ve been involved with CMS (the Church Mission Society) even before I knew about Lee Abbey. So this has been a growing part of my journey.

What are you particularly looking forward to in the next twelve months?

Well, nowadays I can’t get out so easily, so I hope to be able to have Friends coming to my house every month or two, to meet together to pray.

It’s a privilege to have Muriel’s support. She is truly indomitable, and at the same time she is a wonderful reminder of how we in Aston are part of the wider Lee Abbey Movement. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Posted on 1 May 2009 in Aston