Denominations and people come together in Blakes’ first year

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 September 2009.

Greetings in the Lord’s name from the Knowle West Household. By the time this Rapport reaches you we shall be in our second year.

The first year has been a very positive experience for us. To see God at work in so many areas within the local community has been challenging and exciting. Churches Together in Knowle West and other Christians, both ordained and lay-workers from all denominations, now meet together in the Baptist Church premises monthly. This meeting is called ‘The Well’. It is a reference to John 4, where Jesus met the Samaritan woman right where she was in her life and gave her the ‘living water’ to drink. There have been 27 Christian workers meeting and sharing food, prayer, resources and fellowship together. We provide support and encouragement for each other as we all strive to share Christ’s love and care in this very difficult environment. It is an exciting movement of the Holy Spirit across the denominations as the Lord continues to bring more Christians onto the estate.

There is also a new group meeting together at regular intervals, which consists of all the Christian households in Knowle West. There are now several houses where God has called Christians to live and work on the estate. We enjoy worshipping with the Salvation Army, in addition to Anglican/Baptist worship. The Salvation Army do a lot of work with families, the elderly and youth on the estate, and recently started a new venture by opening a charity shop on Filwood Broadway.

Many people from different denominations shared in the Easter Walk of Witness on Good Friday. We couldn’t get a donkey for our walk, so settled for a Shetland pony! I’m not sure about the Biblical relevance, but it drew a lot of interest from passers-by. We marched along the roads with the worst reputation for crime and drugs, holding high the cross, singing hymns, giving Bible readings and claiming the ground for Christ. We gave out over 180 hot cross buns, together with a message of hope.

Knowle West Community News

A lot has been going on this quarter! We were commissioned as leaders and had a very special service at St Barnabas. Bishop David Hallett commissioned us and took us through our red promises; Mat Ineson gave the Word; Alister Palmer led the service and several representatives of the churches took part in the service. We had some good ‘eats’ afterwards, and a time to share fellowship with many old and new friends. Thank you for all the lovely cards that were sent.

We held our Open Afternoon in April, to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the Knowle West Household. The cream teas went down well! There was also a bring and buy stall run by a neighbour, and a sale of photographs and craft, also produced by neighbours. This gave good opportunities for them to share their talents.

A large contingent of friends from a wide area joined us, including Minehead Baptist Church members, and we enjoyed a guided tour of the estate on foot.

Community visits from Lee Abbey Devon are now beginning to happen. This is an exciting new scheme where Community members are encouraged to come and spend time with the Households, sharing in some of the work, in order to gain a wider experience of what life is like in a Household Community.

Ruth is very involved in working with teenagers, especially with the new girls’ club called ‘Not4Boys’! She is also taking part in a community project doing individual mentoring with teenagers.