Endless burgers and a new home

This item was posted a while ago, on 1 September 2010.

How would you fancy an afternoon cooking endless burgers and hot dogs, while over 1400 impatient people queued up? That is what happened to us in May, at one of the three community fun days which were put on in Aston and Nechells this summer. It was wonderful to be able to bless our neighbours in this way! Despite all the hubbub, we managed to explain at least to some people why we were offering not only food but also bouncy castles, face painting, and craft activities, all free of charge.

David and Binnie, from north-east India and serving on the Devon Community, came up for a few days and enthusiastically helped out at this event. They felt as if they were at home, there were so many Asians present! It was great to give them a taste of what life in Aston is like. They were kept pretty busy, not least in helping us to move furniture into 121 Albert Road…

Yes, we really are all under one roof now, which is such a joy! In fact, by the time you read this, we will have been living here for four months, and will be making the last preparations for a joyful thanksgiving service on Saturday 4 September.

The whole process of moving in was much less stressful than we had anticipated, partly because of the help of some wonderful friends, and also because so many were praying for us. Within a relatively short time the house was looking thoroughly shipshape and ready to welcome visitors, and since then we have welcomed dozens, most notably at our Open Day in July. Do come and visit us if you ever have the opportunity.

The refurbished house is a wonderful gift made possible by the prayers and gifts of many people. Some of you have been part of that blessing to us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Such a gift is a reminder to us of God's generous giving of himself to us and that he loves to bless us. We see his hand in the whole process of dreaming, planning, building and now finally moving! This house is for God to use as he wants for the building of his kingdom.

At the heart of 121 Albert Road is the dedicated prayer room. Our vision is that this should be an inspiring resource, not only for us but also for many other local Christians. Please pray that we may find ways of realising that dream in the weeks and months ahead. To be a hub of prayer, for Aston and the world: what could possibly be more exciting?

David and Juliet Fletcher

Posted on 1 September 2010 in Aston