Greetings in the Lords Glorious Name

This item was posted a while ago, on 30 July 2011.

Lee Abbey Household News
John is now Vice Chairman of the Management Team of the Mede Community Centre.
He is involved with Health and Safety / Risk assessments, and the gardening club at the centre and regularly visits there to meet with people and seek areas where they need help.
There is still the possibility of a third mini-bus being available next month and John has volunteered to drive it occasionally. We all took part in the Easter March of Witness on Good Friday; Ed did a grand-job in helping to carry the banner all around the streets!
We were involved with the Alpha Group running through the summer at the Health Centre. This has been organised by Rev. Dr. Trevor Dean and his group of Christian GPs, and Holy Trinity Church at Nailsea. In March John and Val attended a Healing on the Streets training day at Nailsea. We were invited to attend this by Dr. Trevor Dean. It was a very powerful day!
Val has got more volunteer hours at Filwood Hope Advice Centre, and continues working with a group of Year 2 youngsters developing their reading skills at Connaught School. Our Open Day in April was very well supported by Friends and the local community. Ann Grinnell organised the lunch of soup/cheese and rolls; and we enjoyed a cream tea in the afternoon. Neighbours came over and it was a good time of fellowship, meeting up with lots of Lee Abbey Friends.

News from Ed and Aggy

Ed is still helping with children’s church when needed. Aggy plays the violin or piano for St Barnabas church and sometimes Holy Cross Church and occasionally for the Monday Fellowship Group also. We have been involved in the Alpha Course, and help in whatever ways are needed.
With the Tree of Life sub-project allotment:- We now have a watering rota (a lead, backup 1, backup 2 for each day of the week). Gardening behind locked gates does seem a bit odd, though it can help establish connections with regular gardeners. Some young fruit trees were made available and so a group of us went around the estate asking the local people if anyone would like a tree planted in their garden – there was a good response!