Recruiting now. Plus music and Friends news

This item was posted a while ago, on 6 February 2013.

We are looking for new community members to move to Knowle West (South Bristol) and join our small missional community. Does ‘mission through community’ sound interesting? It is! Click on ‘get involved’ to find out what to expect then give us a call or drop us a line.

If you feel called to live in community, for mission, but in another deprived area of the UK, do write to the Lee Abbey Movement’s Missioner.

We continue to serve in our local church, for example by playing the piano or violin for the worship – or by giving music lessons.

Musical talents were also channelled into two South Bristol performances of Roger Jones’ From Pharaoh to Freedom.
Have a listen or download the original here.

We have been hosts for ’24 hours of prayer’ sessions in September and January to provide participants with free space and time to listen to God. Everyone who joined in benefited from this and we’ll be holding more of these in March, June and September 2013. It’s encouraging to see the enthusiasm for this and rather fitting that the 24 hours end with a celebration.

It was great to meet with some Lee Abbey Lee Abbey Friends in Chippenham last November. We look forward to meeting with more Friends in Clevedon in March and in Nailsea in June.

Later this month, we’ll be heading to Lee Abbey Devon for our Households retreat with the Lee Abbey Aston community.

For more news, details and photos of exciting activities here, do find us in the hard copy of the Rapport magazine.