Changing times at 121

This is an archived item that expired on 1 January 1970.

This summer has been a time of change for Lee Abbey Aston. August 18th saw us ‘officially’ saying goodbye to the Fletchers as leaders and members of the Community. It was lovely that so many people were able to join us in celebrating their contribution here, giving thanks to God, and praying for his blessing on their lives and ministry as they settle into their new home – not so very far away!
September has so far been a time for welcoming new arrivals. We’re delighted that Andy and Margaret Wooding Jones have moved in with us for a few months, as they continue to develop their work at the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham. It’s also great to have Adam Maynard staying with us this month while he’s on a training placement in the Parish. In addition, we’ve been fielding some enquiries from people who are interested in joining us as Community members, and we hope to have at least one new member by October…
As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also changed our name! Across the Lee Abbey Movement, what were previously known as Household Communities are now called Small Missional Communities (SMCs). We hope this will help us keep focused on what we’re really about – following Jesus together and helping others around us to encounter Him too.

We are looking forward to meeting more people who are passionate about urban mission and community living at our Discovery Day on October 19th in Birmingham. If that could be you, and you are interested in joining one of our existing SMCs or pioneering a new one, you can find further details and register at:

Posted on 9 September 2013 in Aston