New arrivals!

This item was posted a while ago, on 3 December 2013.

Autumn has been an exciting time, with more new arrivals to our Community.  In November we welcomed Paul Lacey (from Aston) and Rachel Raftery (from Lee Abbey Devon) as new Community members. Each of these arrivals has been a blessing to our Community life and it has been exciting to see God bringing together people with different backgrounds, gifts and personalities around a shared hope and vision – something we hope to grow in over the coming months. As they were about to join us, we asked Paul and Rachel to introduce themselves:

Rachel writes…

I am currently trying to come to terms with leaving the Devon community ‘bubble’ after just over two years, and to register that soon I will be living and (hopefully!) working in Aston.  I am both nervous and excited about moving out and moving on.  I came to Devon expecting to learn a lot about other people – actually, I learnt a lot about myself and about how much I have to learn about living a Christian life.  My decision to join the Aston SMC is based on a desire to continue to grow spiritually within community, albeit in a very different context.

I am hoping to find work fairly quickly in Aston – having previously been a primary school teacher, I worked on the Bookings Team at LA Devon and have also recently completed a TESOL course, so I hope I will be able to use a combination of those skills and qualifications in the future.  I am looking forward to becoming a part of the SMC and the local community in every sense.

Paul writes…

Ask me to tell you about Aston and most likely the first thing that will happen, is a sloppy grin will appear on my face. My family history is tied up in the area: within ten minutes of the Lee Abbey house on Albert Road you’ll find the church where my grandparents were married, the house where my dad grew up, the pub where my parents met and many other important places in my life. You see I am a part of this place and it is a part of me….. I am in love with this place; it is in the truest sense of the word my home and that is the reason I am moving into the Lee Abbey house and becoming part of their missional community. In that place, I find people who love this place like I do; who like me see the Kingdom of God in all its beauty is being built here. I see people who are willing to bless this place, to speak God’s love over this place and to be able to do so is such a privilege.  Many people and statistics will tell you that Aston is a place of poverty, crime and decay. I and the others of the Lee Abbey Aston Small Missional Community will tell you it is a place of richness, kindness and life.

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