Climate Change: A Matter of Faith – #GlobalAware conference 2015

This item was posted a while ago, on 22 February 2015.

After setting the tone with worship and a reading of Psalm 24, Dr Rowan Williams asked ‘can the Christian’s response to climate change be “an add-on”?’

Ed who attended felt that he articulated this complex issue so well that the recording of his talk and the Q&A that followed is copied below to encourage you to listen. In case you don’t have sound or time to watch it, here are a few highlights:

Our response [to climate change] needs to be informed by seeing with God’s eyes. How does God see His creation? Genesis 1:31 answers: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” Basic faith is expressing our trust in the rightness of the Creator’s view of the world: living as if God’s vision of us was real and true, living our way into right relation.

We need to change a whole culture.
To do this we need to serve, stimulate and encourage society.
To do this we need robust rootedness and need to become groups of people who want a different culture so passionately that we ourselves model different ways of living and relating.


The Video: A Moment of Decision:


The 2015 #GlobalAware conference launched the Bristol European Green Capital year. Later that day attendees had the opportunity to hear from (and talk to) many local people, projects and ventures that were tackling climate change in different ways. For a full list of these, contact the Knowle West community.