Our front door … and Ezekiel 47

This item was posted a while ago, on 17 September 2015.

Earlier this year the finishing touches were added to Lee Abbey Aston’s new front door. The frosted design – by Sarah Prentice – depicts aspects of Ezekiel’s vision of the Temple, and the river flowing from it, which has been a significant passage in orientating the Community’s vision and life together (see Ezekiel Chapter 47). The river – which Ezekiel tells us brings flourishing life wherever it flows – meanders across the two glass panels, and the trees on its banks represent God’s provision of healing and nourishment. Palms – which were engraved on the Temple doors – are a symbol of growth and flourishing in harsh conditions. It is our hope and aim that we ourselves are drinking from this river of life, and receiving God’s healing and nourishment, whilst also playing our part in ensuring that these blessings flow to our neighbours and others in the wider community too. A glass-panelled door was chosen to let light flow out from the house to the street, giving a feel of greater connectedness, and offering an open welcome rather than a fearful one. Let’s pray that the door speaks of God’s love to those who see it, and that God would use the Community – together with others locally – to encourage people to open the doors of their hearts to Jesus.

Posted on 17 September 2015 in Aston