Breaking news: new Lee Abbey House in Knowle West

This item was posted a while ago, on 16 December 2015.

All Lee Abbey Knowle West community members have now moved into the new Lee Abbey house!

Read more about it here.

This was a step of faith taken by Lee Abbey in many ways, including faith that:

  • the right people will join (recruiting soon!);
  • the loan taken out to purchase the property will be repaid through the sale of the previous property, individual donations and fundraising from trusts.

To mark the event, the community members all spent 90 minutes on Saturday morning litter-picking in their new street.

Please pray as the community settles in to the new place, as they seek to make missional use of the space and as recruitment of new community members will start in the new year. Please also pray for the finances to come in.

Here are several ways for you to get involved.