Two upcoming events at Lee Abbey Knowle West

This item was posted a while ago, on 7 January 2016.

Our first month since we moved in has been eventful for us but we want the next few months to be eventful for you!

3 December: the Sisters of Charity leave Knowle West after giving us the keys. We are still in touch with the two Sisters, one is in a convent in Birmingham, one in a convent in Acton, London. The move was featured in the local newspaper:

12 December: a very windy morning to work with plastic bin bags but we did it! 90 minutes non-stop litter-picking on our street (which includes one play park and one sports area), which gave us a chance to chat with the people we encountered.

20 December: Aggy, Richard and James performed as part of the choir at for the carol service at St Barnabas. But before then someone knocked at our door asking for food aid for Christmas.

And lots of unpacking!!! We are so blessed by God’s provision, and by the condition in which the Sisters kept the building.

And now for you to join in:

On 30 January 2016 we will be opening up a prayer room at 2 Filwood Broadway between 7am and 7pm so that people can pray for the local area.

And if you are curious about life “inside” then pop this date into your diary. Our Open Day will be held on Saturday 16 April timed to mark the 24th anniversary of Lee Abbey Knowle West.

Please pray for us as we discuss and agree on how we use the space, namely:
– setting up a prayer room/a worshipful place (the Sisters had a chapel!)
– creating space in the garden for other people
– our front “garden” and making it available to others for a very local event on 20 January.

Please also pray for:
– 8 January board meeting
– meeting to talk with people interested in community life over the next few weeks
– 19 January Churches Together meeting
– successful sale of the original Lee Abbey community house
– successful fundraising to repay the loan taken out to buy the new Lee Abbey house.