Press release: Lee Abbey Knowle West celebrates silver anniversary

This item was posted a while ago, on 13 January 2017.

This year the Lee Abbey community in Knowle West will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a free event in Knowle West where we are pleased to announce that the Bishop of Bristol will be speaking.


Event details

A silver anniversary celebration

with Knowle West Churches Together involvement

and special guest the Bishop of Bristol

Free entry


Saturday 22 April 2017

At Filwood Community Centre, Barnstaple Road, Knowle West, Bristol, BS4 1JP

Including an opportunity to meet past and present community members

Including buffet food

Event details:



“We are looking forward to celebrating 25 years of partnering with The Lee Abbey Community, we give thanks for the past and look forward to the future as we continue to serve our community and make Jesus known.”

Revd Cathy Gardiner, Priest in Charge, St Barnabas & Holy Cross, Parish of Filwood Park, Knowle West

“A Christian community living and active in the heart of Knowle West is very welcome and will benefit the life of the estate”

Dave Grove, Local Resident

“As chair of the trustees of the Lee Abbey SMCs I am greatly encouraged by the initiative and enthusiasm of the work of the Knowle West Community in the local area, as they put their Christian faith into action”

Susan Edmondson, Chair of Trustees, Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities

“25 years is a significant milestone for us, and last year’s purchase of the former convent shows our intention to continue to invest time, energy and prayer into our neighbourhood. This is why during 2017 we will also be recruiting additional community members.”

Ed Palairet, Pioneer Leader, Lee Abbey Knowle West

“Halloween turned into a great community event for us – sharing pizza with passers-by in our front garden! I’m looking forward to being involved with lots more community and youth events in 2017. After our anniversary in April there’s “The Noise” in May and then Knowle West Summerfest, as well as the new youth club on Filwood Broadway and the work of our local graffiti artist.”

Tim Jones, Community Member, Lee Abbey Knowle West

“Sharing is a very important, valuable part of community life. Sharing our Christian faith is just one of the benefits of community living. Sharing time, space and resources means we are able to give and receive all the time and in all sorts of ways.”

Jill Jones, Community Member, Lee Abbey Knowle West

“The Christian faith of community members has been a key driver in their commitment to the local area.”

Sue Moss, Local Support Group Member, Lee Abbey Knowle West





About Lee Abbey

There are Lee Abbey Christian communities of various sizes across England. In each of these, community members join for a period of time, where they agree to live by the Lee Abbey rule of life.

Lee Abbey Knowle West opened in April 1992 at 97 Lisburn Road, after a formal invitation from the churches in Knowle West a year before. In December 2015 the community moved to the convent (2 Filwood Broadway) when the Sisters of Charity left the estate. The former convent is now called Lee Abbey House. There are currently 5 adult residential community members, and 2 children.

Lee Abbey Household Communities (also known as Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities) is a registered charity in England 1053813.



Photos available on request

Enquiries to

Ed Palairet, Pioneer Leader. E: T: 0117 239 0147

Ed is happy to arrange face-to-face and telephone interviews.