Knowle West, Bristol

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A lifestyle aimed at reflecting a close relationship with Christ

Why we live in community and why we live for mission is so simply and powerfully summed up in Acts 4:31-33. You’ll notice that prayer is right at the beginning of this passage! Through community living (including sharing meals together); with openness to God and to others; meeting regularly for community prayers; and asking God to fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we will be empowered to go out and serve the people that we meet.


We support the local churches and our local community

It’s important to us to be available to our neighbours.
Examples of supporting local church life have seen Lee Abbey community members helping with church services and Alpha courses, volunteering in schools and the Filwood Hope Advice Centre, cooking for the monthly family breakfast (now closed), helping with the restorative approach reconciliation programme, being a street pastor, or simply organising some Churches Together social gatherings.
More recently, community members have co-ordinated community gardening projects or taught music to children from church.

The background: grounded in prayer

At the invitation of Knowle West Churches Together, the Lee Abbey community has been present on this South Bristol housing estate continually since 1992. Community members commit to the rule of life and to serve where God leads them in the local area. Our ministry has included pastoral visits, meeting physical and educational needs and supporting local churches in their worship, discipleship and mission. Because we are not a project, we focus more on building relationships over time with people who live or work in the area.

Although local partnerships help us meet many needs, we humbly acknowledge there are many more needs that we cannot respond to in our own strength or intellect; this is why prayer is at the centre of what we do.


Full of potential

The size of the community house used from 1992 to 2015 limited the size of the community and as a result, its impact. In December 2015, the community moved to a larger property and so there is an exciting new beginning full of potential – is now the time to be a community on mission? Read the breaking news here.

Current opportunities

Some of our local partners