Insights from living in intentional Christian community

This year we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts about life in a small missional community.

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About the series

In this series that explores the theme of mission through Christian community, find out what is needed for life together to be community, and what is needed for community to be missional. What does mission look like without a project under our control?

“This is not aiming to be a definitive guide (not repeating existing literature) but presenting a collection of reflections that people thinking of starting a community have found helpful. The tone is to be informative and reflective, and the content accessible.”

About the author

Ed Palairet is the Pioneer Leader of the Lee Abbey small missional community in Knowle West, where he and his family live with the community members. Since joining in 2010 he has had many conversations about community life with people thinking of joining a community or starting their own. He chairs Knowle West Churches Together, is a trustee of an advice centre established by the local churches and is a parent governor at the local faith school. His formal training is in organic agriculture, which is a bit different to life on a housing estate, but at least he gets the agricultural references in the Bible (yes, you’ll find some in the series!)

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Useful links and resources

People, organisations and resources our communities have found helpful:

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Authentic Faith – fresh expressions of church amongst young adults

Urban Expressions

Come and See – a guide for beginning and sustaining a missional venture

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