Local support group member

3-5 years  •  Local Support Group

We are seeking people who will join the Local Support Group (LSG) of the Knowle West SMC or Aston SMC to support the community in the following ways:

1) Mission

– to facilitate contacts and links which might inform, resource or support the SMC in mission

– to encourage the SMC to review, refine and live out its missional vision and intent

– to gently hold the SMC to account for its involvement in the wider community and engagement in mission

– to join in mission with the SMC where possible

2) Prayer

– to pray for the SMC

– to pray with the SMC when possible.

3) Community

– to support, with the chair, the SMC leader in her / his role as leader.

– to be part, with the chair and when invited, of an interview panel for any new SMC members.

– to gently, with the chair, hold the SMC to account for their community life

– to be able to ask “awkward” questions of SCM members (e.g. what risks are you taking).

– to ensure the SMC members are involved in some sort of partnership with the local church scene.

4) Practical

With other members of the LSG and the chair

– to ensure that the community property is well maintained and cared for.

– to help ensure that there are adequate funds for the SMC to be self-financing.

5) Meetings

– to attend evening meetings of the Local Support Group with the SMC members (usually 3 or 4 a year).

6) Wider Movement

– to be aware of the vision of the Lee Abbey Movement and pray for it.


Read more about this role at the Get Involved page


Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities is not currently licensed as a sponsor and cannot employ migrant workers outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland under the Point Based System rules, issued by the UK Border Agency.


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