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About the Lee Abbey Movement

From its beginnings in Devon in 1946, Lee Abbey has been a movement of God for evangelism and renewal, to equip and serve the church and its people.

Our vision remains to ‘Communicate Christ through Relationships’ offering God’s welcome through the community in Devon, the Lee Abbey International Students’ Club (LAISC) in London and the Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities (SMCs).

LAISC, founded in 1964, offers accommodation in a friendly atmosphere to students from all over the world. We reach out in mission through our SMCs currently in Aston, Birmingham, established in 1989, Knowle West, Bristol (1992) and Ford, Plymouth (2020).

The Lee Abbey Movement encompasses all our mission and ministry. Legal, charity and structural governance is provided by the Lee Abbey Council. It works with the Trustee Boards of Devon, London and the SMCs and their communities to provide oversight, support, and guidance. Together we seek to discern God’s will for Lee Abbey into the future.

The work of Lee Abbey has never been more important. In an increasingly broken world, it is ever more critical that God and faith in him through a personal relationship with his Son Jesus becomes real and relevant to all people, that they may know the power of God in their lives through an encounter and experience of the life-giving Holy Spirit.

Rev Dr Sam Cappleman — Executive Chair, Lee Abbey Movement