Rule of Life

Many Friends choose to live our community ‘rule of life’:

      responding to Christ’s love, we seek to…

  • worship him and seek his will through regular prayer, Biblical reflection and joining with others for fellowship and communion
  • deepen our personal commitment recognising that our minds, time talents, possessions and relationships, as gifts from God, are to be increasingly surrendered to him
  • share his saving love through our attitudes, lives and relationships
  • live in openness and honesty being open to be known for who we are, accepting one another in love and saying nothing of others that could not be said to them personally if love and wisdom required it
  • help build community where we live, work and worship
  • respect and serve all others welcoming the stranger, being a voice for the voiceless and working to alleviate poverty and injustice
  • cherish and protect God’s creation which God the Father loves and entrusts to our care

…trusting in the help of the Holy Spirit

Whether you choose to make this your rule of life or not, why not join us?

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