Suzanne Irving reflects how in our fragility we are both jars of clay and God’s masterpieces


Paul Woolley considers the importance of listening, for disciples of Jesus in today’s world.

Lecturer, author and mum, Helen Collins shows us how we can let the Holy Spirit change and improve the sometimes mundane, chaotic and difficult aspects of our closest relationships.

Mark Melluish explains that the way to get to know God better is to ‘get down low.’

Author and speaker Amy Boucher Pye delves into different ways of hearing God speak to us through the Bible


Sandy Pepper, Chair of Lee Abbey London, urges us to embrace the openings provided by the pandemic for the gospel

Sister Carol reflects on intercessory prayer and explains how we can embrace its challenges and learn to ‘live it’


Jennie Cappleman considers what a pilgrimage actually is, and how to embark on one

John Simmons reflects on the importance of rural churches for local communities

The Beacon Team

Keith Ovenden explains why The Beacon Activity Centre merited the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) Gold Standard Award


A lamb at Lee Abbey

Farm Manager Simon Gibson highlights the impact of mass markets on the environment and the challenges farmers face as they care for livestock and the landscape

The Beacon Activity Centre Team find an innovative way to engage children with the Easter story

Ann Persson introduces a creative reflection which will help us take stock of our lives

The poet Malcolm Guite explores how Jesus reveals Himself to us through the ‘I Am’ sayings of John’s Gospel


Justin Tomkins looks at how we can help future generations celebrate technology and science without being ruled by it

Suppressed, hidden, apologised for, writer and speaker David Runcorn asks us to look again at how God can use our tears

Dave Hopwood reflects on Jacob’s struggle at the River Jabbok and other Bible characters who wrestle with reality.

Bishop Alan St Albans considers the resurgence of Christian communities in the West and what we can learn from St Benedict.

Bev Shepherd examines the biblical definition of true wisdom and how to steer a course which leads to life


Michael Mitton reflects on Bible stories which connect with the seasons of the soul

Simon Holland considers the radical love of the Servant King, demonstrated in Lee Abbey Devon’s performance of Lee Misérabbeys

Award winning garden designer Hannah Genders reflects on how our gardens can become the spaces that provide a sanctuary from this modern, fast paced world


Simon Holland reflects on the spiritual power-house that is Lee Abbey at 70

Shaun Lambert considers the value of being still whilst on a retreat and ‘cleaning the windows of our soul’

Silas Crawley examines how our words can be a powerful catalyst for affirmation and growth.

Andy Lester and Ruth Valerio examine how we can live well whilst also protecting the needs of the planet.


Graham Swinerd and John Bryant consider the evidence of divine design in our awe-inspiring universe.

Jane Willis reflects on a silent retreat at Lee Abbey Devon: ‘No words, no wine, no web – but I had my camera.’

Joe Davis looks at how we can redeem a ‘dark night’ of the soul by the practice of spiritual disciplines in following Jesus

Roger Wagner reflects on the inspiration behind his project to illustrate and translate the Psalms.

A new course, commissioned by the Church of England, aimed to inspire confident, transformative discipleship. Is this a rival to Alpha? Paula Gooder unpacks the Pilgrim course.


Ali Hull talks to composer Steven Faux about The Psalms Project, a contemporary journey through the vivid landscape of Psalms told in the musical language of feature films.

David Rowe considers how we can continue to engage in faith and in dialogue, including lament, even …

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Alice Collins asks Trevor and Samia Hubble to look back and reflect as they reach the end …