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Author: Declan Beales

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Job – touching the void

David Rowe considers how we can continue to engage in faith and in dialogue, including lament, even when things go wrong. Philip Roth’s tragic novel,…

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Write for your soul

Boxmoor Convent 26 January 1979  We drove up a steep, icy hill into the grounds of the convent. The car stuck in the snow and…

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What’s in a name?

Some Friends have recently quizzed me about the name change from Lee Abbey Households to Lee Abbey Small Missional Communities, so I thought it might…

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The God who speaks

If I asked you to describe the God of the Bible, to sum up his nature and his character, how would you answer? I guess…

Building bridges of hope through music

Sam Bromley speaks to Adrian Snell about life, family, music, and faith – and, of course, Fierce Love his first album release in seven years….

God’s gift of reconciliation

Karen Kemp explores God’s challenge for us to live at peace with one another and details her own struggle to forgive when her daughter was bullied…

More Rapport articles