Rapport is the official magazine of the Lee Abbey Movement. It is published three times a year and sent to all Lee Abbey Friends of Jesus.  Here are some of its recent articles.

January to April 2017

Raw power and intricate detail
Ruth Bancewicz and Bob White consider the awesome wonder of God revealed in creation

What on earth are we doing?
Living a purposeful life in the Kingdom of God





Sept-Dec 2016 Rapport coverSeptember to December 2016

70th celebrations
Simon Holland reflects on the spiritual power-house that is Lee Abbey at 70

Letting in the LIGHT
Shaun Lambert considers the value of being still whilst on a retreat and ‘cleaning the windows of our soul’



May to August 2016

may-aug-coverFood and faith
Andy Lester and Ruth Valerio examine how we can live well whilst also protecting the needs of the planet.

Being ‘unbusy’ with God
Bev Shepherd considers how spending time in prayer enables us to receive God’s love and restoration

Words of Life
Silas Crawley examines how our words can be a powerful catalyst for affirmation and growth


January to April 2016

Jan-April-2016-Rapport-coverGod, science and nature
Graham Swinerd and John Bryant consider the evidence of divine design in our awe-inspiring universe.

Jane Willis reflects on a silent retreat at Lee Abbey Devon: ‘No words, no wine, no web – but I had my camera.’

Moving from trying to training
Joe Davis looks at how we can redeem a ‘dark night’ of the soul by the practice of spiritual disciplines in following Jesus.


September to December 2015

Sept-Dec-2015-RapportLife’s changing seasons
Bob Evens reflects on life’s different seasons – and God’s provision for each new phase.

I wish we had all been ready
The Parable of the Sower has a vital message for today as Barry Kissell explains …

Contemplating the Psalms
Roger Wagner reflects on the inspiration behind his project to illustrate and translate the Psalms.



May to August 2015

May-August-Rapport-cover-2015 for webCreation sings the Father’s song
Lee Abbey Warden David Rowe considers the beauty of creation and the way God brings order out of chaos so that nothing is lost.

A guest’s experience of a silent retreat at Lee Abbey


January to April 2015

Rapport Jan-Apr 2015To be a pilgrim
A new course, commissioned by the Church of England, aimed to inspire confident, transformative discipleship. Is this a rival to Alpha? Paula Gooder unpacks the Pilgrim course.

Hope means hearing the music of the future. Faith means dancing to it now.



September to December 2014

Rapport Sep-Dec 2014What’s so amazing about place?
Dave Bookless reflects on ‘thin places’ and finding God’s presence wherever we live.

The Psalms Project
Ali Hull talks to composer Steven Faux about The Psalms Project, a contemporary journey through the vivid landscape of Psalms told in the musical language of feature films.

The God who calls: Genesis and the love of God
Jane Williams explains why she is enthralled by the book of Genesis.



May to August 2014

Rapport May-August 2014 proof_page_001


Job – touching the void

So you want to see your book in print?





January to April 2014

Rapport Cover 2014 Jan-Apr

The God who speaks

Write for your soul

What’s in a name?





September to December 2013



Building bridges of hope through music

God’s gift of reconciliation

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Training





May to August 2013


End of an era

Lee Abbey Devon tops the Fairtrade chart

Sharing his saving love